We developed locker’s software for Yandex.Market

Our company acts as a contractor for the development of specialized locker’s software for the Yandex.Market. To date, the project has about 700 automation delivery lockers and at the beginning of 2021 the network will expand to 1000 devices.

The solution includes a web application for lockers with a specialized screen interface, an administration system, client and courier mobile application. Integration with external information systems of the customer is supported on the basis of API services and web services. There are inbound APIs for marketplaces and online stores.

Project functionality

Different models of lockers

Previously, Yandex used parcel lockers from different manufacturers, additionally expanding the number of devices through new purchases. As a result, network of models with different hardware was formed. Locker’s software developed by our company by order of Yandex.Market basically supports models from different manufacturers and was additionally adapted to the customer’s existing equipment. As a result, all existing devices were updated to the new software.

Back office

A web-based application for managing users, lockers, delivery services, marketplaces. Provides tracking and management of all logistics operations, as well as monitoring of devices and their remote management.

Mobile application

Connecting clients and couriers to parcel lockers (both screen and non-screen models were involved in the Yandex.Market project) to receive/insert packages. Data exchange between devices and mobile clients is carried out via a Bluetooth connection.

Client notification system

Sending e-mail and SMS codes to receive parcels. Sending notifications about the availability of the parcel, about the ending of the storage period or due to abandoning. Flexible configuration of notification templates through the back office.

Barcode support

Reading the packages numbers when inserting by the courier and receiving the parcel by the client using a barcode scanner.

Cashless payment

According to the terms of the project, the system supports both the delivery and issuance of prepaid orders and also payment for orders via parcel locker — some of the parcel lockers are equipped with POS terminals. Fiscalization of payments through cloud fiscal services is supported.

Monitoring and control

Viewing information about existing parcels, their movement and content, editing information about parcels. Tracking the number of cells available for loading, taking into account the return of parcels, with notifying employees when the limit is exceeded.

Equipment condition monitoring and control

Remote control of parcels, recording of events, incidents. Tracking the technical condition, operation of hardware components. Remote monitoring of the locks and doors status, remote power supply control. Sending notifications to technical personnel.

Parcel locker’s network update system

Remote download of updates from file storage via http/https channel in accordance with the conditions set in the back office. The ability to update partial network segments.

Maximum reliability and fault tolerance

Interaction of parcel lockers with the control system via https, unique details for each device, additional use of a VPN tunnel. The system was developed taking into account the future development and scaling of the service in the next 5-10 years. With an increase in the number of Yandex.Market parcel lockers, any of the system components can be additionally placed on new servers. The software solution will expand following the growth of the Yandex.Market business.

Role-based security policy in the back office

Implementation of role models with different levels of access to back office sections for couriers, technicians, administrators.

Back office activity tracking

Logging the activities of back office users in the process of creating, deleting and changing any entities in the system.

Physical security

Video surveillance system for recording actions with all cells of the device, transmitting alarm messages to employees when magnetic contact sensors are triggered. Independent access to the locks controller.


Integration with delivery services — creating events for the delivery of orders, tracking statuses, canceling delivery. Maintaining a list of transport companies with flexible division of lockers between them.


The solution was launched using modification of the Yandex PostgreSQL DBMS. Therefore, high fault tolerance is ensured, due to the reliable data centers of the customer’s platform.


The solution developed by our company for Yandex.Market can support the simultaneous operation of 10 000+ lockers with more than 300 000 cells. The flexible possibilities of the solution ensure the further expansion of the Yandex.Market locker’s network. In the future, Yandex.Market and our specialists will continue fruitful cooperation to increase the number of devices.

Our company is proud of the completed project. The choice of our solution by one of the largest e-commerce companies in Russia with a turnover of 4 billion rubles. per month proves the competencies of our specialists, confirms the high level of technology skills and readiness to work with large-scale projects.