Parcel lockers

Our company is a supplier of specialized software or turnkey complexes including software-hardware solutions. We are also ready to provide wide range of parcel and storage lockers from our hardware partners.
We offer serial samples with the shortest production time and custom models.

Configuration options

Smartix support manufacturing and delivery of equipment according to any customer's layouts, including in compliance with the requirements for various parameters:
Any sizes of lockers and cells
Color and painting type
Indoor, outdoor, branding and pasting
Display size
Small or wide screens, 10" to 20" and larger
Computer platform
Raspberry Pi or Intel NUC
Periphery equipment
POS terminal, printer, barcode scanner, online cash register, smart card reader
Cell's temperature conditions
Climatic equipment
Webcam, vandal-proof housing and keyboard, alarm
Visor, LED panel lights, UPS

Examples of lockers

Variation of lockers with control modules
standard and custom cells.
It is possible to manufacture lockers for interiors from light materials — plastic, wood
Types for locker rooms, mailboxes for entrance groups in the residential complex, etc.
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Cooperation with manufacturers
We are interested in establishing strong partnerships with reliable manufacturers of parcel lockers. Smartix is ready to participate in the creation of a joint software-hardware solution with multiple functionality and increased competitiveness in the e-commerce market, automation of online delivery and temporary storage service.
If you are a professional manufacturer of parcel lockers and are interested in launching complete project using specialized parcel locker software, contact us!
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