Platform uses a single server and web-based back office to view transaction data, monitor and remotely manage devices network
Solution includes a parcel locker's app and courier mobile app. Integration with related systems is carried out through a universal API. All operations are created within the framework of the parcel locker management system, notifications are transferred to external systems. Logically solution includes the system operator, parcel lockers, delivery operators, shops and couriers.
System architecture
Deployment scheme


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Process of receiving parcels through the parcel locker application

An important advantage is the ability to dispense parcels offline.

Parcel locker's application periodically synchronizes directories and in the lost of connection continues to serve clients, accumulating data on operations and transferring it to the server when the connection is restored. The reliability and quality of solution's service increases

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Payment for orders on a parcel locker and cloud fiscalization

Smartix parcel locker's software is compatible with POS terminals of almost all banks — based on UPOS (Sberbank), ARCUS 2, INPAS DC protocols.

For fiscalization of payments cloud fiscalization is offered through any service. Complete statistics on payments is available on the server: list of fiscalization operations with statuses, fiscalization parameters

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Subsystem of notifications with sending e-mail/SMS messages to clients
Notification that the order is ready to be received, as well as a reminder of the storage and withdrawal periods of the order if it is not picked up. Additionally, it is possible to call callback functions when the accounting system sends push notifications to the client via its own mobile application
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Mobile application for couriers based on Android and iOS
Scanning of QR codes on parcels for inserting in the locker or manual selection from the list of orders. Process of withdrawing expired parcels through a mobile application.
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Mobile application for clients

Application features include customer registration with confirmation of phone number and e-mail, receiving orders from the mobile application without entering confirmation code, viewing active and archived transactions.

Additionally planned to link a bank card, purchase goods and implement loyalty programs.

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Multiple parcels
The system supports work with shipments, which consist of several parcels. All business processes are configured to handle multiple parcels. After loading an order from several items into the parcel locker, a single notification is sent to the client and all parcels are dispensed at once
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Fresh modules support
Indication of the temperature regime of the parcel locker's modules. Possibility to insert parcels into those cells that are best suited for temperature conditions
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Support for parcel lockers with two-way access
Orders are placed in cells on one side and customers pick them up on the other. The design is relevant for fast food and takeaway restaurants, also suitable for example for renting out equipment
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Multilingual solution
Solution adapts to different languages, provides the ability to switch languages in the back office and in client applications
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Various algorithms for operating with the user
Entering code on the screen of the parcel locker, scanning QR codes, providing libraries for integration into customers' own applications
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Functionality of storage locker and charging of mobile devices
Maintenance of tariffs for storage and charging of mobile devices in the back office is supported. Personal tariffication can be used for each cell. Back office consolidates the reporting data for storage services. Functionality of storage and delivery to specific cells can be combined. Payment receipt is sent via SMS after the operation is processed by the cloud fiscalization service
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Vending machine functionality
Work with commodity items is carried out on the parcel locker's system server. Products are loaded into the device and selected by buyers through an interactive showcase or transparent cell doors. Payment receipt is sent via SMS after the operation is processed in the cloud fiscalization service
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Return of goods functionality
Return under warranty, return of an unsuitable product or an erroneous parcel
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Functionality of an automatic collection point
Handing over and receiving items from laundries, dry cleaners or repair shops

Key advantages

Single centralized space for creating and managing entities: users, couriers, parcel lockers, locations, work schedules, organizations
Detailed configuration of functionality in the context of the entire parcel locker and each cell separately — support for b2c, c2c processes. The ability to combine the functionality of parcel and storage lockers
Functionality of renting cells by third-party companies
Constructor of parcel lockers — establishment of parcel lockers, formation of parcel lockers models from a set of parcel modules
Role-based security policy. Flexible configuration of roles, password policies through the back office
Tracking the activity of back office users to create, delete and modify any entities in the system
Functionality of the situation center — technical support for clients (resolving disputes, remote opening of cells), support for the operation of devices network, management of the parcel's life cycle

Full technical monitoring

  • Connection monitoring
  • Monitoring status of the lock controller
  • Monitoring POS terminal Status
  • Detailed monitoring of each parcel locker's cell
  • View events from all devices
  • Notification system for employees about malfunctions
Implementation of a fully functional monitoring system allows ensuring the high-quality operation work of the parcel lockers, instantly reacting to emerging instabilities and reducing equipment downtime. Thereby the level of service availability and customer loyalty increases

Update system

Update system is a specialized file storage accessible via http/https that contains new versions of program files and libraries, as well as various resource files. The system is used to deliver new software versions to points according to the conditions specified in the back office of the system.
Supports work inside a closed VPN network with a level of data transmission security that meets the requirements for such systems.
Management of update functionality through the back office
Turn on, turn off, versions view
Updating parcel locker's network segments
Allows you to launch pilot update on a specific group of devices and make a further decision to update the entire network
Establishment of several update systems and use on a specific device
Allows to segment the network into a stable/experimental branch, use a different UI on selected devices
Support functionality of re-downloading files
Guaranteed software updates on unstable communication channels

Support for parcel and storage lockers

Smartix software supports a wide range of devices on the Russian market. The main models of controllers used in the parcel lockers industry are also supported and the latest models can be integrated at the customer request.
If the customer has a ready-made network of parcel lockers from various manufacturers, we are ready to refine the solution. As a result, all devices, regardless of differences in hardware, will switch to updated parcel locker's software.
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