Soft-logic company celebrates 15th anniversary!

On August 10, Soft-logic company celebrates its 15th anniversary! And we have a lot of new ideas and plans for development and new projects launch.

Over the years, we have developed a number of key solutions and products, including Pay-logic Processing center and Pay-logic Payment hub, SmartKeeper e-wallet system and also launched Smartix brand, which combines the software and hardware complex of automatic parcel and storage lockers, self-checkouts and self-service kiosks, electronic queue system.

Despite the fact that the company’s products affect different areas, they are all united by the automation of customer’s business processes using self-service technologies.

By the 15th anniversary, total number of Soft-logic implementations has exceeded 90 projects in 23 countries. Our solutions are used by the largest state and commercial banks, payment systems and mobile operators, including Beeline, MTS, Expressbank, Kapital Bank, FINCA Bank. As well as e-commerce services, large retailers and providers of various services — Yandex.Market, Leroy Merlin, Petrovich, Hoff, ETM, MEDSI clinic network, EMC medical center and many others.

The level and number of clients confirm the experience of our specialists and knowledge of the customers needs. Our company has the highest level of competence in the development and implementation of self-service systems, as well as devices and hardware systems.

We are proud of the work that we have done and the large number of completed projects. We are optimistic about the future and continue to develop the market of payment processing and automation based on self-service devices. It will be even more interesting!