Smartix lockers running at Raspberry Pi4

After several months of testing Smartix specialists are ready to offer customers lockers based on Raspberry Pi4. Microcomputers can significantly reduce the final cost of self-service devices, while saving all the functionality.

The cost of Raspberry Pi 4 is only ~95 USD, which is much cheaper than purchasing and installing control PC with various hardware components for the locker’s control module.

At the same time Smartix lockers based on Raspberry Pi 4 offer all the possibilities, as with installing a regular computer. The functionality of payment for orders, insert and delivery of parcels, payments fiscalization, remote control, various algorithms for working with the user, etc. are supported.

Feature of Smartix solutions is cross-platform support. It is based on a single platform with support for systems based on Windows or Linux. The solution can be deployed on an industrial microcomputer (Raspberry Pi), compact form factor mini-PC (Intel NUC) or any other full-fledged PC.

Smartix software is perfect for work on any hardware, the main task of which is to reduce costs while supporting flexible functionality. The use of Raspberry Pi 4 as part of locker’s equipment allows even more miniaturization of the solution and offers modern, functional and inexpensive solutions.