Optimization of the monitoring page in the Smartix back office

Smartix continues to develop own software in accordance with the functionality expansion planned by specialists and at customer’s request. As a result of the latest updates, the monitoring page in the back office has been refined. Page contains all information about customer’s devices — parcel and storage lockers, self-checkouts and electronic queue devices.

Smartix uses web-based back office, single centralized space to manage a network of self-service devices. Specialists pay great attention to the provision of a functional monitoring system, which allows ensuring the high-quality operation of the hardware components of the solution.

Now the system administrator can quickly get a visual representation of the equipment state right on the main screen in the “Devices” column, without additional opening of the tabs. All visual information is based on icons that reflect various components — cash register machines, POS terminals, barcode scanners, lock controllers, printers, electronic boards, scales.

A separate column “Status” contains visual data about the status of UI devices, software and resource updates, as well as the performance of the VPN service.

The solution has well thought out all monitoring features, depending on the software direction:

  • If self-checkouts are used, in addition to information about peripheral equipment (OS version, processor model, motherboard, disk size, RAM, etc.), data and status of external trade equipment, such as scales, are transferred.
  • If parcel lockers are used, online monitoring of the cell’s state (occupancy, serviceability, filthiness), lock controllers (opening, closing, availability) is carried out.

Payment transactions, inserting and picking up transactions, the status of online cash registers (availability of paper, communication with the fiscal data operators) are monitored.

Back office administrator receives real-time messages about emerging events. The system also supports sending notifications about the current state of equipment and faults (SMS, e-mail, Telegram bot) to the responsible personnel.

Smartix is ​​one of the most functional solutions on the market for automation of delivery and storage, implementation of self-service checkouts for retail, automation of customer flows using electronic queue. Specialists strive to provide solution owners with maximum opportunities for monitoring and tracking equipment status. Responding in real time to emerging instabilities or preventing their occurrence can reduce device downtime, qualitatively increase the level of service availability and customer loyalty.