New functionality of the courier mobile application for Smartix lockers

Mobile application for Smartix lockers has been supplemented with new functionality. Now it is possible to configure different access rights to the cells for each employee. Also, it became possible to arbitrarily open all the cells.

Abilities of operations with cells in the mobile application:

  • Opening all cells
  • Opening empty cells that are not currently being used for delivery
  • Opening cells that have been marked as dirty by customers or employees
  • Opening faulty cells
  • Opening module with a control unit (PC)

When opening all cells, the application asks to select the number of the required locker or additionally confirm the need to open all cells in all lockers — some models include 80+ cells, so their mistaken opening and subsequent closing can take away unnecessary time for the employee. After selecting the command, the total on the successful opening of the cells is displayed.

Depending on the employee rights that are configured in the back office, you can now create different roles:

  • Couriers performing only delivery functions
  • Cleaners who only clean dirty cells
  • Technicians restoring the device to work
  • Employees with mixed access rights

Created roles are further used for distribution between organizations and binding to employees.

Smartix software continues to develop in accordance with the delivery automation market, needs of business owners and end customers. The courier mobile application offers modern functionality, simplifies the work of couriers and service personnel, and improves the quality and availability of services.