Sale of goods through Smartix lockers

Smartix specialists announce new functionality — now customers of the solution can organize the sale of any goods through Smartix lockers. The work with commodity items is carried out on the locker’s system server. Products are loaded onto the device and selected by customers through an interactive storefront.

Solution features

1. The selling functionality allows to use Smartix lockers as vending machines, which are suitable for the sale of any goods, depending on the cell size. Lockers can be designed at request and assume any design of boxes and cell sizes, including for large-sized products (building materials, household appliances).

2. Prices for goods are dynamically loaded and synchronized with the virtual storefront pf the locker. The system monitors correspondence of the data on the device storefront with the availability of goods in cells. Excluded any errors in pricing and dispensing. The customer can also adjust the price change depending on the stock amount.

3. Virtual storefront in the interface of the locker allows to completely remove cells with glass transparent doors. Provides a more flexible design of the device, high security level and vandal resistance.

4. Payment for goods is carried out in a non-cash way through the built-in POS terminal. Payment transactions are fiscalized, payment receipt is sent to the buyer by E-mail or SMS.

5. One of the key advantages of Smartix lockers is support for the simultaneous deployment of any scenarios (dispensing orders, renting items, temporary storage in cells, etc.) at one device. The new functionality for selling goods can also be combined with any other scenarios for the device.

Work algorithm

The goods are loaded by couriers through a single mobile application using QR codes on the products. The application synchronizes data on the loading of goods into the locker with the server.

Product storefront in the locker’s interface is generated dynamically based on the loaded products. Depending on the implementation strategy, demand statistics, it is possible to edit storefronts of individual lockers or entire device segments through the back office.

Client chooses the product or a set of products, which he is interested in through the interactive storefront of the lockers. After payment is made, the door will be opened.

Technical features

All lockers are combined in a single web-based back office, which in real time provides:

  • Complete statistics on transactions (loading of goods, sales data, remainings)
  • Financial sales statistics
  • Reporting on the fullness of a single locker and network segments
  • Notifications about the sale of goods (replenishment of stock in lockers just in time), including via E-mail/Push/SMS notifications

Solution development

Smartix specialists are ready to offer the development of a mobile application for purchasing goods through lockers. Customers will be able to track the assortment online at the nearest locker, reserve and make a prepayment for products.

Mobile application will also allow the use of inexpensive screenless lockers. To obtain data on available goods and to perform transactions with the device, client only needs to come up and synchronize his application with locker.

Smartix lockers support cloud fiscalization through any popular third-party service. The cost of technical equipment with fiscal equipment is reduced.

Potential customers

  • FMCG networks (fast moving consumer goods)
  • Grocery retail
  • Household appliances stores
  • Boutiques, clothing and footwear sales networks
  • DIY networks
  • Pharmacy chains
  • Auto parts stores
  • Any other participants in the wholesale and retail trade

Smartix lockers are a modern tool for the sale of any goods, reducing large-scale retail space, reducing the number of sellers, cashiers and consultants. Compactness and mobility of the devices provide flexible installation in places of increased customer demand, for example, in a shopping center or at the territory of residential complexes.

Other possibilities

Smartix specialists have many years of experience in the vending industry. Smartix software can be adapted for specialized vending machines in the field of food (coffee makers, snack machines, aqua vending, milk machines, etc.) and non-food (sale of SIM-cards, lenses, key making) vending.


Smartix software includes a large number of functionalities for implementation of different business tasks. Solution provides automation of delivery, dispense, storage or sale of any goods. Smartix specialists are ready to implement any projects in the field of parcel lockers, including devices with mixed functionality.