Smartix lockers for libraries and bookstores

We launched an automatic locker for dispensing and returning books based on the Smartix locker’s control system in the Mayakovsky library in Kaliningrad. Device is presented in street style and is available for readers 24/7. Suitable for installation both indoors and outdoors, resistant to aggressive external environments. The software is based on the standard scenario of the Smartix lockers.

Solution for the Mayakovsky library

The device was installed by order of the municipality and with minimal financial investments automates the process of receiving and dispensing literature. Library staff no longer need to be constantly in the workplace — they can once a day or even less often, depending on the demand for library services, insert or pick up all ordered and returned books.

According to the terms of the project, book orders are accepted and processed by a local library employee in WhatsApp or Telegram messengers. Smartix specialists are ready to create a universal website with a literature catalog as one of the solution development options. This site can be integrated with the Smartix locker’s system and will provide readers with the opportunity to view the availability of books and make online requests.

Now the application number is entered into the system by a person based on the data received from instant messengers and is displayed in the Smartix back office. The system administrator sees all orders and the technical condition of the device (status of locks, load of cells, state of hardware components, communication). The library employee loads all the books into the locker at ones (according to the order numbers) into free cells. When the reader approaches to the device, he enters the order number, the door opens and the books are picked up.

After complete reading the book, it is returned by the order number to a free cell. When a certain number of books accumulates, the employee is notified and can pick up all the books at a time. All statistics on dispensed and returned books for each client are available in the back office.

Automation of online bookstores

Smartix locker’s are a modern tool for the automated dispense of any e-commerce goods. The devices can be integrated with online bookstores.

In addition to the sale of prepaid books, it is possible to organize their sale directly through the device interface with device’s payment support.

The Smartix system can be used to combine offline and online bookstore distribution networks of any scale.


Smartix specialists are ready to implement projects to automate private and public libraries, online bookstores of any scale. Launching a modern solution requires minimal costs. The system integrates with the existing website of the customer or assumes a quick launch of a new website. Device software is delivered in the cloud by subscription. The bookstore occupies a small area and is in demand among readers of any age. If necessary, the device can be equipped with payment functionality with financial monitoring for the sale or paid rental of books.