Cell visualization for dispensing orders in Smartix parcel lockers

Imagine, you approach the parcel locker, enter the parcel code with a desire to receive the order as soon as possible, the door lock clicks somewhere, but you have no way to understand which of the cells has opened. Familiar situation? Of course!

Smartix specialists have finalized their own parcel locker’s software and now user can see in the interface the exact location of the cells with their order on a schematic image of parcel locker.

The visualization of the locker is automatically generated based on the model data and displayed on the screen of the device at the time of orders receipt.

As a result of the refinement, now locker of any size gives the client opportunity to visually understand which specific cells with his order have been opened. There is no more need to spend time looking at empty open cells.

Smartix specialists pay special attention to the convenience of end users. Parcel locker’s software is developed and finalized following the development of business and wishes of the complex owners — typical and non-standard tasks that arise during the operation of the system are solved. Smartix takes care of possible situations faced by users in order to maintain the quality level of services on the customer’s side.