In Zelenograd started Moscow parcel locker project

In Zelenograd begins implementation of the project of installation of parcel lockers for dispensing orders of marketplaces and online stores in the entrances of residential buildings. The project was called the Moscow parcel locker and applied to all Moscow districts.

The essence of the project is to bring the points of dispensing Internet orders to residents. It is assumed that lockers will be installed in places convenient for Muscovites: in entrances, courtyards, parking, at different institutions. Standard lockers will be able to use marketplaces and online stores that will become participants in the project – after that they will be able to include certain lockers in their delivery. And residents will be able to take the order without leaving the entrance.

In Zelenograd were determined the first entrances in which the installation of lockers is planned. Representatives of the company’s owner of parcel lockers and managing organizations reached objects to check the possibility of installing devices. After that, editorial office received a large number of questions from residents who asked to explain how the installation of the lockers will take place and how the legitimate interests of the residents will be observed, whether it is possible to refuse to install and conversely how to include a specific entrance to the project.

“The installation of parcel lockers in the entrances can be performed only after the general meeting of the owners and their consent for installation. This decision should be documented properly. Only after that it will be possible to start installing locker. If at the meeting of the owners a decision is to refuse installation, it will not be installed”, – said Sergey Galustov, head of the housing and communal services department and improvement of the district prefecture.