Halva Express joined to Moscow parcel locker city project

Halva Express, a subsidiary of Sovcombank PJSC, which is the operator of the Halva parcel lockers federal network, has joined the Moscow parcel locker project, aimed at creating a city network for contactless delivery of orders from online stores and providing services to people of Moscow. The new cooperation will strengthen the city’s infrastructure to improve logistics business model based on the principles of sharing, when one locker can receive orders from different online suppliers, and increase the number of devices in the Moscow parcel locker network by 1000 units.

“We welcome the expansion of the number of participants in our urban innovation project. Join of Halva Express will allow network to provide more uniform coverage of all districts of Moscow with parcel lockers, make delivery for residents even more comfortable and closer, and online stores to expand the geography of locations available for placing and transporting orders,” said Maria Bogomolova, general manager of the Moscow Innovation Agency.

“For us, this is a great opportunity to take part in the development of the infrastructure of the city of Moscow. Thanks to this cooperation, our customers will be able to receive orders not only at Halva parcel lockers, but also at all parcel lockers operating in the Moscow parcel locker project. As a result, we will become even closer and more convenient for recipients and at the same time we will raise the general standard of service in the contactless delivery industry to a completely new level,” said Denis Petrushevsky, managing director of Halva Express.

The project participants agreed to standardize logistics processes and join forces to launch new services within the framework of the project, which offered citizens to receive online orders in “slipper accessibility” — the devices of the Moscow parcel locker can be placed at the entrances of residential buildings and in neighboring territories, as well as in public spaces, cultural and leisure centers, social institutions, parking lots and transport infrastructure facilities.

Source: mos.ru