Moscow parcel lockers project chooses Smartix software

In 2022 Moscow parcel lockers project was launched in a pilot format the goal of which is to install 10 thousand parcel lockers in Moscow and Moscow region. The devices are planned to be placed in places convenient for users: in entrances, courtyards, parking lots, office spaces and administrative institutions.

Parcel lockers considers as the main alternative to courier services, because lockers have a number of key advantages:

  • Delivery to parcel locker is much cheaper than courier service, while the completed order wait for pickup almost as close to the client.
  • The device does not have the classic disadvantage of courier delivery — need to adapt to the time when client is at home. The order is already in the cell and can be received at any convenient time.
  • Parcel lockers effectively solve the problem of free access for third parties, including couriers, to the territory of the residential complex. Parcel locker is located at the reception, in the entrance area or in the local area, and this is where orders for customers are loaded. No more confusion and chaotic movement across locations and floors for couriers, who are often perceived by residents as unwanted strangers.

Smartix was selected as supplier of specialized software for parcel lockers. Smartix out of the box software meets the key requirements for the project as well as all the needs of dynamically developing delivery automation market.

As part of the Moscow parcel locker project, the devices offer:

  • Receiving orders from online stores and marketplaces
  • Return of unsuitable or defective goods
  • Rent of lockers for temporary storage of personal belongings

The project demonstrates demand among residents for dispensing orders through self-service devices. E-commerce business is taking part in the development of the system — owners of commercial parcel lockers, participants in the e-commerce and logistics services market can join the project by submitting an application on the portal of the Mayor and Moscow Government.

Why Smartix

The solution was chosen due to its wide functionality and Smartix development team for its proven experience in working with large, distributed parcel locker networks. One of these cases is development of software for Yandex Market parcel lockers, which recently joined the Moscow parcel locker project to expand the geography of dispensing goods from the marketplace.

Smartix specialists solved number of global business problems as part of optimizing their own parcel locker software to implement the concept of “parcel locker at every entrance.” For example, optimized the work of couriers for transparent and seamless access to parcel lockers in closed residential complexes.

Project prospects

The next stage in the development of the project is launch of additional features:

  • Sending equipment to service centers for warranty and post-warranty service and receiving it back
  • Sending clothes and shoes for repair and dry cleaning and then receiving them back
  • Forwarding parcels and correspondence between residents

Smartix company also faces ambitious tasks to integrate the parcel locker system with key participants in the e-commerce market. In addition to Yandex Market, also OZON, Wildberries, Lamoda and other marketplaces and online stores are planning to deliver goods through the Moscow parcel lockers project.


Smartix parcel locker software offers wide functionality, flexible modifications, scalability and fault tolerance. Compliance with the requirements for systems of this class and experience of working with large customers contributed to the choice of Smartix for implementation of the Moscow parcel locker project.

The involvement of Smartix to implement the largest municipal program to launch delivery automation system confirms that specialists have appropriate competencies, confirming high level of technology proficiency and readiness to work with large-scale projects.