Smartix lockers launched in mon-marche French food chain

The change in the behavioral model of modern European consumers leads to the active development of the delivery automation market. To date, there is a strong need in the EU market for high-quality e-commerce solutions for the issuance of goods using self-service lockers. As a result, European system integrators and equipment manufacturers are actively exploring the parcel locker’s software market in search of the best solutions.

Smartix is always striving to expand its international presence through the search for partners. Smartix specialists offer interested distribution companies one of the best out-of-the-box parcel locker’s control system solutions to launch in any country in the world.

The result of cooperation with a European partner was the launch of a system for issuing orders under the control of Smartix software in the EU. The project uses lockers with custom cooling. Mon-marche French grocery chain is the customer.

As part of the project, Smartix supplied a boxed parcel locker’s control system. The European partner acted as a manufacturer and supplier of lockers, which were produced at an EU enterprise.

In the process of launching the solution, Smartix specialists implemented the following steps:

  • At the request of the customer, the servers are deployed on the European site, remote updating and maintenance of the system is provided
  • Connected European SMS-service for sending PIN codes for access to cells and notifications
  • Integration with the accounting system of the store
  • Integration of a new model of the controller for managing locks
  • Smartix software translated into French

Lockers are equipped with refrigerated racks, and each rack can maintain a different temperature. Customizable storage conditions allow to organize work with various products that require freezing or simple cooling. The manufacturer thought over the design, performed all the necessary tests on the functionality of product storage. The devices are completely ready for commercial operation, satisfy the needs of customers in matters of flexible adjustment of the maintained temperature.

Mon-marche positions itself as a specialized online store in the field of grocery e-commerce with pick up points in major cities in France. According to the terms of the project, self-service devices are installed both in chain stores and in any locations that are most accessible to end customers — parking lots, in residential and office buildings and allow customers to pick up their grocery orders near their homes or on their way home from work at any convenient time.

Customers place an order on the website or through a mobile application. After the goods are loaded into the cell, notification is received. The order is available for pickup 24/7.

Smartix lockers allow the customer to implement work scenarios that are cheaper in terms of business costs — an alternative to courier delivery, the ability for customers to receive orders on their own at any time, no need for the client to be physically present at home and adjusting courier delivery for a limited time.

The system supports the issuance of prepaid orders created on the website or through a mobile application, it is also possible to pay for products on the device before issuing — retailer independently decide at what point and what strategy to use.

Back office allows to monitor the life cycle of orders online, efficiency of locker equipment, state of the cells (employment, serviceability, filthiness), notifications of events are sent to responsible personnel.

Smartix software supports any models of parcel lockers presented on the Russian and foreign markets. It is possible to combine lockers with a mixed set of internal hardware components from different manufacturers within a single network.

The implemented project demonstrates the capabilities of Smartix software for automating the issuance of orders through lockers in the interests of large foreign online grocery stores. The solution supports work with fresh modules, adapts to any temperature conditions for storing orders — heating, cooling, humidity. Depending on the size of the retailer’s network, Smartix software is delivered in a cloud-based subscription format or as a standalone software package for installation on the servers of large customers.

The work on the implementation of the customer’s project in France was performed by Smartix specialists completely remotely, in cooperation with an integrator partner. Smartix is ready to launch projects of any scale in a short time, in the interests of any company, anywhere in the world.

Smartix specialists have impressive competencies and experience in the development and implementation of parcel locker management systems. This is confirmed by large projects, for example, the implementation of software for 3500+ parcel lockers for Yandex.Market. Entering the European market is associated with a number of features, Smartix provided the delivery of a boxed solution, completed all the necessary improvements and once again confirmed its status as one of the leading companies in the market.