Smartix parcel lockers for MFCs automate the issuance of documents

Any Multifunctional center or Citizen service center implements the issuance of ready-made paper documents to applicants based on the results of the public services provision. Usually, the visitor is have to plan the time of the visit, re-apply to the issuing window and wait in line.

How to speed up the issuance process and allow MFC clients to independently receive the results of applications?

One of the most effective devices for solving this problem is the Smartix automatic parcel lockers with specialized software. A well-thought-out complex for MFC needs based on a ready-made boxed system and automates the issuance of documents without queues and waiting, reduces the demand on staff and increases the level of customer focus.

How it works

An employee of the MFC puts documents into the parcel locker’s cell located on the territory of the office branch. The applicant receives readiness SMS with an access PIN-code to open the door. It is also supported bringing of QR code on a paper form (or using smartphone screen) to the scanner built into the parcel locker for authorization and opening cell.

It is allowed to issue multiple sets of documents of the applicant from one cell, as well as re-inserting documents into the cell. The situation may arise if the employee forgot some of the papers or new additional documents are ready for the applicant before he received the previous ones.

Viewing and tracking of overdue attachments in cells is performed remotely through the back office or by an employee through the interface of the parcel locker when inserting regular documents. Provides transparent information about the status of documents and feedback from the client.

Why Smartix

The solutions presented on the market, launched in a number of MFC branches, are usually based on an offline system and have a number of limitations. Such parcel lockers can perform the tasks assigned to them, but they have problems with administration, the high cost of network maintenance, the impossibility of exchanging data with external accounting systems and relatively low quality of service.

Smartix system is based on a central server — single back office is formed with access through a web browser, which contains information about operations (document insertion and picking up) and their statuses.

The ability to integrate with external accounting systems through a universal API is supported. A seamless, transparent information exchange between systems is implemented.

Provides online statistics on the operation of parcel lockers, monitoring and remote control of devices.

Thoughtful solution

The Smartix online system provides for a transition to a temporary offline mode in case of short-term communication problems. Smartix includes a certain directory system, the ability to accumulate data about events that are sent to the server when the connection is restored. The necessary reliability of the complex for operation in any conditions is achieved.

Remote update system has been implemented to deliver new versions of software to points according to the conditions specified in the back office. Feature of resuming file upload is supported, guaranteed software updates on unstable communication channels.

In idle mode of the parcel locker the built-in advertising module is used to display any static and dynamic content — banners, videos, advertising of MFC services, important information or advertising of third-party services according to selected conditions (frequency of impressions, location). Uploading and managing advertising is carried out remotely through the back office.


Smartix is one of the leading companies in the Russian market in the field of automation of business processes based on parcel lockers. We are ready to offer MFC centers in the Russian Federation, as well as branches of public service centers and bureaus for the provision of public services in the CIS countries with one of the most functional solutions for issuing ready-made documents for clients.

In addition to a turnkey solution that includes software and parcel lockers with a set of lockers, cells, screen sizes and hardware selected by the customer, we also offer update to modern software if there are existing parcel lockers in the MFC. Our specialists are ready to perform all the necessary work to implement Smartix system into the customer’s existing infrastructure.