Smartix parcel locker’s platform: last mile delivery automation

In recent years there is fast growth of consumer demand for online orders in Russia. The business is actively adapting to modern e-commerce trends by developing pickup point networks based on self-service parcel lockers. Devices are placed in malls, business centers, MFCs, residential buildings, effectively solving problem of the last mile. Along with the development of the industry, demand for high-quality parcel locker’s software for both commercial businesses and locker manufacturers on the market is growing.

Smartix offers a universal platform for parcel lockers that out-of-the-box meets all the needs of the dynamically developing delivery automation market:

  • One of the most functional parcel locker’s software on the market
  • Web-based back office containing information about operations (delivery, return, forwarding, storage) and their statuses
  • Complete statistics of lockers network’s operation (current load, storage periods)
  • Sending notifications to customers (package delivered, package waiting for receiving, package sent back to the warehouse)
  • Monitoring and remote control of devices network. Notifications for responsible employees about the technical condition of lockers
  • Mobile application for couriers and clients
  • Payment for orders at lockers
  • Styling the appearance of interfaces, developing of any screens
  • Ability to integrate the solution with any customer systems
  • Customization of any business processes

Smartix lockers are suitable for automating the delivery and dispensing of goods, parcels and letters in various business areas:

Dispensing of any goods for large networks with support for up to 10000+ parcel locker’s within one system

Online shopping
Delivery automation for e-commerce of any scale

Courier services and transport companies
Sending or forwarding any parcels and correspondence

Residential complexes
Installation of parcel lockers for construction developers, modern delivery format for residents

Office and business centers
Installation of automatic PO boxes for legal entities, delivery of business correspondence

Smartix software supports any models of lockers presented on the Russian and foreign markets. It is possible to combine parcel lockers with a mixed set of internal hardware components from different manufacturers within a single network.

If customer already owns a network of devices and considering switching to modern locker’s software, Smartix specialists are ready to provide consulting support, provide demonstration of the solution and evaluate the conditions for deployment on existing equipment.

Smartix software provides flexibility in terms of hardware support and use of the solution:

  • Various computer platforms are supported, including Raspberry Pi, Orange Pi industrial microcomputers, Intel NUC compact form factor mini PC or any other full PC, as well as various chinese industrial computers
  • Supports a wide range of lock controllers available on the Russian market
  • Supports payment at parcel lockers, Smartix software provides work with all leading banks in Russia, payment via Fast payment system will become available in the near future
  • For fiscalization of payments, leading cloud services for fiscalization are supported, software product also includes a powerful core, to which any other services can be connected via an adapter
  • The largest Russian services are supported for sending SMS notifications
  • Any integration and refinement of the complex is possible at the request of customers

If necessary, Smartix can offer the installation of additional turnkey lockers from manufacturers. Close cooperation with the largest suppliers of lockers allows to provide customers with equipment of any lockers size, cells and from any materials.

Smartix locker’s platform has proven itself as professional, functional solution from one of the most experienced and competent teams of specialists in the industry. Understanding of business issues, implementation of large projects with providing software for 3500+ parcel lockers within one system, any improvements on demand — all this confirms the status of Smartix as one of the leading companies in the market.