Parcel lockers in new residential complexes from Smartix

Osnova Group — one of the leading development companies in Moscow, continues to implement parcel lockers in the entrances of its modern residential complexes. The goal of the building developer is to provide automated e-commerce solutions to residents in new housing estates.

Building developer chose Smartix parcel lockers, which include specialized parcel locker’s software, as well as the production and supply of standard or custom models of devices for integration into the approved design of living quarters.

As a result, at the stage of buying an apartment in a new building, customers already have access to a ready-made service for receiving goods from online stores, grocery delivery, etc. Additionally, contactless sending of things between residents or to the service companies is supported (repair of electronics and household appliances, dry cleaning, etc.).

Demand for parcel lockers in apartment buildings

Developing projects for the implementation of parcel lockers in residential complexes using the example of the Osnova Group demonstrates the demand for the solution both among building developers and residents. This is largely achieved through the provision of a modern delivery service, as well as the growth of interest from potential buyers of apartments in new buildings to new e-commerce automation tools.

Smartix offers a set of advantages in the framework of projects for installing lockers in new buildings:

1. The variability of different models of devices — lockers for building developers with a large number of cells in the entrance on the ground floors or devices with a small set of cells per every floor. Installation of two-way access lockers next to the door of each apartment in luxury complexes.

2. Increasing the competitiveness of housing, modern and demanded service. Growth of interest from potential buyers of the building developer.

3. Maximum comfort for residents — no need to go outside the house, delivery and receipt at any time, no need for the physical presence of the resident at home and waiting for delivery.

4. Reducing personal contacts between couriers and customers, as well as residents in the case of local transfer of things.

Integration with smart home systems

Smartix parcel locker’s system basically support integration with any internal LCD systems, including smart home systems. For example, software solution is embedded in an existing cloud service or server software designed to communicate with residents (mobile or web application for utility bills, sending information notifications, feedback, etc.).

As a result, additional functionality becomes available to residents for receiving parcels through a parcel locker in an already familiar application, originally launched by the building developer or utility management company. Through the same application of the building developer clients receive notifications about the delivery and status of parcels in the format of push notifications.

Smartix parcel locker’s software capabilities

Software solution allows to launch various scenarios for loading parcels (by phone number or at the address of a resident) and interacting with users. The client data is checked to exclude the erroneous inserting of parcels. System sends notifications about the parcel delivery (a convenient time for receiving messages is configured), picking up or upcoming delay.

Multiple parcels are supported — re-entering parcels into one cell if they belong to the same client. Optimal use of cells and convenience for the recipient is achieved.

In the back office life cycle of parcels, operability of the equipment of the parcel lockers, the state of the cells (occupy, serviceability, fouling) are monitored online, notifications of events are sent to the responsible personnel.

The flexibility of the software allows to use different parts of the cells of the same locker to combine different functionality — e-commerce delivery, storage and forwarding, sale of embedded products (vending machine functionality) with payment through an external mobile application or through a POS terminal built into the locker.

The largest owners of Smartix locker’s system use it to manage networks of 2000+ devices. Eventually the solution will be suitable for organizing the work of more than 10000 customer devices.

Supply of complete equipment

Smartix company in addition to locker’s software of own development offers manufacturing and supply of lockers at the customer request. Manufacturing of control modules with different diagonal displays, standard and custom boxes with different cell sizes is carried out, painting and pasting are performed for integration into the existing design of house locations.

Launch of the comprehensive Smartix parcel locker solution from a specialized company means the elimination of risks and the maximum quality of execution at all stages of implementation and subsequent development of the solution.


Choosing Smartix as a provider of parcel delivery automation solutions, the building developer receives a turnkey solution based on the most modern and available technologies. If the customer already owns a network of lockers in residential complex from various manufacturers and is considering purchasing modern locker’s software, Smartix specialists are ready to refine the solution for its deployment in the existing device’s network.