Leading pharmacy chain in Russia “Apteka ot sklada” chooses Smartix parcel lockers

Pharmacies can now sell drugs remotely as a result of the law. Smartix parcel lockers are fully ready to implement business processes for delivery automation in this segment.

One example is the Smartix parcel locker project for an online pharmacy “Apteka ot sklada” to automate delivery and resolve the last mile issue. The customer’s assortment includes 25000+ medical products, physical presence is provided by 800 points of sale in 24 regions of the Russian Federation. Thanks to the pharmacy network of parcel lockers, customers will be able to independently receive all medical supplies in a modern and convenient format.

Solved tasks

Parcel lockers are installed in pharmacies or in the most popular locations among potential customers — on the territory of residential complexes, shopping centers, office buildings, etc. After the cart is formed and payment is made on the website, the order is delivered by the courier of the pharmacy chain to the parcel locker. The client receives notification with code and picks up the goods at a convenient time. If necessary, Smartix software supports payment of orders before dispensing on the device.

Key advantages for pharmacy chain solution:

  • Complex turnkey functionality for solving tasks of an online pharmacy for the implementation of a click&collect system.
  • Automated delivery of orders 24/7 without the participation of pharmacy staff and binding to their work schedule.
  • If necessary, Smartix lockers support the direct implementation of previously inserted goods in cells through an interactive showcase. The customer receives an automated solution for the sale of in-demand pharmacy products “at home”, a pharmacy minimarket.
  • Reducing direct contacts in the context of COVID-19.

Parcel lockers are an effective substitute for drug dispensing points, allowing to save on rent and wages. Additionally, it can be installed in regular pharmacies to reduce the workload of pharmacists. Depending on the volume of orders, different models of lockers can be installed with a certain number of cells.

Why pharmacy chains choose Smartix

Smartix software offers modern automation of dispensing pharmacy goods using parcel lockers:

  • Support for integration with external information systems of online pharmacies based on API services and web services. Incoming API for any online stores and marketplaces.
  • Parcel locker’s application with specialized screen interface, an administration system, client and courier mobile application for placing/withdrawing orders.
  • Scanning QR codes by couriers at orders with medicines for inserting in the parcel locker/manual selection from the list of orders.
  • Sending codes to clients to receive orders via e-mail or SMS. Sending notifications about the availability of the parcel, about the imminent end of the storage period or due to lack of demand. Flexible configuration of notification templates through the back office.
  • Payment for orders on a parcel locker, fiscalization on the device or through cloud service.
  • Returns support, work with unclaimed orders.
  • Support for any parcel lockers and networks of devices from models with different hardware.
  • Ability to work offline when the connection is lost. Reliability of the complex for functioning in any conditions.

Technical features

Smartix software supports integration with accounting systems, detailed monitoring of each cell of the device — employment, serviceability, fouling. Additionally, the state of equipment is monitored, notifications about the statuses of hardware components and events are sent. Supports remote updating of the device’s network.

Customization of the solution on demand

Choosing Smartix parcel lockers, customer receives a whole range of professional services for launching a turnkey solution and its further development from one of the most experienced teams of parcel lockers on the market:

  • Specialized software with the possibility of any modifications at the request of the online pharmacy network. Support for any hardware components and networks from various models of the customer’s already purchased parcel lockers.
  • Delivery of various standard models of parcel lockers or production of non-standard lockers and cells. Support for screen and non-screen parcel lockers.
  • Relevant competencies for managing large-scale, high-load parcel locker networks.

Smartix solution is currently one of the most advanced on the market, specialists have the appropriate level of competence. The choice of the solution by the largest e-commerce participants in various product niches confirms the quality of Smartix software.