Parcel lockers for issuing documents for transport vehicles

Smartix parcel lockers were chosen by Izhevsk Production Association of Passenger Motor Transport JSC (IPOPAT JSC) as automated devices for issuing documents for vehicles.

Parcel lockers for issuing documents for transport vehicles

IPOPAT JSC is the largest carrier in the Udmurt Republic, serving over 65 bus routes. Company employs 1000+ people, the fleet includes over 300 buses serving city, suburban and intercity routes. Daily passenger traffic about 172 thousand people.

In 2023 company began to implement the Electronic Dispatcher system. Parcel locker was chosen as a key component that solves the task of pre-trip storage and issuance of documents for sending buses on routes:

  • Vehicle registration certificate (VRC)
  • OSAGO policy
  • Diagnostic card
  • Route map
  • Schedule with traffic pattern
  • Fuel card
  • If necessary, documents for verification of gas cylinder equipment

Now the dispatcher first enters into the cells sets of documents assigned to each vehicle. Drivers are issued waybills through the Electronic Dispatcher system and then go to medical examination. If the pre-trip inspection is successful, the clearance information is sent to the parcel locker system. Driver scans the waybill through the scanner built into the parcel locker and cell linked to his vehicle opens with the corresponding set of documents.

After completing the shift, documents issued through the parcel locker are handed over to the control room. Employees check the set of documentation, supplement it with current papers and redistribute them into cells for the next work shift.

Electronic Dispatcher system, equipped with parcel locker, qualitatively reduces the time drivers spend obtaining documents to be sent on routes. The duration of preparatory and final period for drivers is optimized and errors are eliminated. The routine operations of dispatchers for issuing documentation are optimized, they can devote more time to other responsibilities, for example, timely dispatch and control of the movement of vehicles along a given route.