Smartix interface redesign features

During the implementation of Smartix software, specialists perform professional design of web applications. Various interface options are offered depending on the specifics of UX/UI and logic of the devices. Screen adaptability is supported, the solution is being finalized and customized following the expansion of the functionality of web applications. The capabilities of the software are clearly demonstrated using the interfaces of lockers for storing personal belongings.

Main screen

Screen informs users about the need to bring the employee’s card, or an alternative method of authorization by entering pin code. If necessary, a language switching button is also added. It is possible to go to the information or administrative section.

PIN entry screen

If employee has forgotten the RFID card or it is not readable, as a fallback, he can manually enter his personal pin code to access the locker functionality.

Storage cell selection

Screen is designed for the convenience of employees and allows them to select the desired cell of the required size at the desired height. If necessary, locker software may offer automated opening of the cell without the possibility of selection by the user.

Cell opening screen

After the door is opened, the successful locker access screen is displayed. The employee is also reminded to close the cell.

Administrative screen

Screen is used to resolve issues that occur when working with the locker. Depending on the customer’s requirements for the device logic, it is possible to display a dialog box with a support phone number or offer a choice of situation. After the user notes the problem that has occured, an application enters the system, on the basis of which administrative personnel are sent to the locker to resolve the issue.

Smartix specialists have a high level of competence in the field of interface design, as a result of which they offer the appropriate quality of their own software products. Flexible options for launching various screens allow businesses of any size to choose a web application that is suitable in terms of style and functionality.