Industrial vending based on Smartix lockers

We are announcing a new functionality of Smartix parcel lockers for industrial vending. The solution is used to automate storage, dispense and accounting of any inventory items for employees of an enterprise or office.

Solution features

1. Modern format for dispensing any items, tools and consumables. Smartix lockers are cheaper than specialized devices for industrial vending, and thanks to flexible software they offer wider functionality.

2. The virtual interactive showcase in the interface of the parcel locker allows to completely abandon cells with glass transparent doors. A more flexible device design is provided.

3. Smartix parcel lockers simultaneously support any scenarios, such as dispensing orders, renting things, temporary storage in cells, selling goods, etc. The device installed in an office or in an enterprise can be used, for example, for dispensing tools, storing personal belongings in working hours, paid purchase of any goods.

Work algorithm

Loading of goods is carried out by couriers or responsible employees through a single mobile application using QR codes on things or consumables. The application synchronizes the data on the loading of goods into the parcel locker with the server.

The user is authorized in the interface of the parcel locker using RFID, barcode or login/password. The data is checked in a local database or through an integrated access control system.

A product showcase is displayed in the locker’s interface. Depending on the role of the user (position), the assortment of things available for obtaining may differ.

After choosing the cell door opens and the employee receives the necessary thing or a set of things. Recipient information is saved. After the end of the work shift the employee is authorized again and the item is returned to the parcel locker. Personal statistics of use is kept, an employee can leave a comment, for example, about the need for change of tools soon or the need for an increased amount of consumables for the next shift.

Technical features

All lockers are combined in a single web-based back office, which in real time provides:

  • Complete statistics on operations (loading of goods and materials, dispense, comments of employees on the use)
  • Reporting on the fullness of an individual parcel locker and network segments
  • Receipt notifications for items, equipment (prompt replenishment of stock in lockers) via E-mail/SMS/Telegram

Solution development

Smartix specialists are ready to offer the development of a mobile application for employees that simplifies the receipt of inventory through parcel lockers at large enterprises. Employees will be able to remotely monitor the range of equipment, overalls, and consumables they are interested in online remotely at the nearest locker, receive or exchange items necessary for work with minimal time consumptions. Optimization and acceleration of the processes of supplying employees with the required goods and materials will significantly increase the overall level of enterprise’s efficiency.

The mobile application will also allow the use of inexpensive screenless locker models. To obtain data on the items available in the locker and their dispense, the employee only needs to come up and synchronize his application with the device.

Для кого

  • Factories, industrial facilities
  • Mining enterprises
  • Offices, coworking spaces
  • Transport companies
  • Laboratories, research complexes
  • Any private and public sector of business

Smartix parcel lockers are a modern device for dispensing any items that reduce the cost of enterprise infrastructure and automate human activities. The compactness and mobility of the devices provides flexible installation in the most demanded locations for employees.


The Smartix hardware and software system is suitable for any company that needs an effective solution for automating dispense of inventory items, personal protective equipment, workwear, etc. The software includes a large number of functionalities for solving a variety of tasks. Smartix specialists are ready to implement any projects based on lockers with mixed functionality in the field of industrial vending.