Leading Moscow developer Osnova Group implements Smartix lockers

Osnova Group, one of the leading development companies in Moscow, has chosen our Smartix lockers for installation in their residential complexes. The solution allows not only to automate e-commerce processes (delivery from online stores, grocery retail, etc.), but also provides the possibility of contactless transfer of things between residents or in the interests of services (repair shops, dry cleaners etc.).

Project features

1. The customer chose a complete solution from Smartix for a turnkey installation, including several models of devices with different lockers and specialized software for managing the network of devices.

2. Integration with the management system of the residential complex has been made for synchronizing data on recipients. When the courier comes to the parcel locker and enters the customer’s phone number for inserting the parcel, Smartix parcel system checks the presence of the phone number in the database and whether it belongs to the parcel locker in the given location or entrance group. As a result, any errors during delivery and at inserting the parcel into the wrong locker are excluded.

3. Sending push notifications about delivery through a mobile application for residents of the residential complex has been organized. The customer does not need to implement a third-party solution, and residents do not need to install an additional application — all data on the status of parcels is transferred through the already existing feedback channels with residents.

Smartix parcel software integrates freely with any residential complexes accounting systems — into an existing cloud service or server software designed for communication with residents (mobile or web application for invoicing utility bills, receiving notifications, feedback, etc.).

The implementation of a variety scenarios is supported, for example, the transfer of things between residents, which allows them to organize a temporary lease of small household appliances, resale of personal items, etc., notifications are sent for each operation.

The implementation of parcel lockers in residential complex significantly optimizes and reduces the cost of the delivery process. The need for a courier to visit each apartment is eliminated. Instead, a process of one-time entry/withdrawal of parcels to the parcel locker is implemented. The devices also solve the problem of limited delivery time — no more dependence on finding a client at home and dispensing orders at any convenient time. An additional advantage is the reduction of personal contacts between people.

Lockers and equipment

Smartix offers the production and supply of standard and custom lockers models with any size of cells, modules, displays for installation in any type of location (angular placement, low or arched ceilings, etc.).

Acquisition of a complex solution from a professional developer means the absence of any technical problems at the stage of development, implementation and subsequent use.

Why Smartix

Smartix locker’s system meets all the requirements of large developers for the implementation of solutions for the delivery automation to housing estates. Choosing Smartix as a supplier of solutions for the delivery automation with the use of parcel lockers, developer or management company receives a turnkey complex based on the most modern technologies available in monetary terms.

If the customer already owns locker chain and is considering to switch for modern software instead of the existing one, Smartix specialists are ready to launch a demo version of the solution on the customer’s devices free of charge.Our experts are also ready to answer all questions, coordinate the project free of charge and analyze the customer’s primary technical specifications to determine the appropriate solution concept.