Smartix invites distributors for cooperation

Smartix is one of the leaders in the market of software and hardware solutions for automating e-commerce delivery, temporary storage, FMCG and grocery retail, implementing self-service systems for the sale of any goods and services, as well as managing customer flows based on electronic queue.

The company invites professional distributors for cooperation in the field of IT solutions to promote Smartix software, as well as hardware and software systems based on Smartix software and equipment from manufacturing partners.

Main software solutions and services:

  • Self-service checkouts, electronic cashiers
  • Parcel and storage lockers
  • Smart lockers
  • Industrial vending
  • Electronic queue system
  • Customized software development for self-service area
  • The company’s products have been launched in 73 countries, which confirms the competence level of specialists, quality and demand for Smartix software at the international stage. The company is ready to launch representative offices at any location in the world, including Russia, CIS countries, European and Asian regions, Africa, North and South America.

    Advantages of Smartix company for a distributor:

    • 10+ years of experience and the broadest knowledge of the self-service systems, market needs and current trends.
    • Own specialists, all Smartix software products are developed by the company independently, without the involvement of contractors.
    • Understanding of large system’s architecture, software development skills for organizing the work of 10 000+ pieces of equipment within one system.
    • Lack of analogues in the combination of software functionality for various equipment. Flexibility, adaptability, fast refocusing of software for business areas.
    • One of the most experienced teams in Russia in the context of integrating various equipment — cash handling devices, controllers, electromechanical locks, etc., creating solutions based on Raspberry Pi microcomputers. Active integration of new equipment at the customer’s request, if necessary.
    • Functional out-of-the-box solutions with the ability to add new features with each new edition based on sprints (Scrum method). Quick entry to a promising market in the face of rapid development of competitors and tight time frames.
    • Improvements and adaptation to foreign markets, including adaptation to the hardware components of the local region (POS terminals, cash register, etc.), multilingual and multicurrency support.
    • Experience in working with requests for both standard and custom projects with various requirements for software and hardware.
    • Flexible pricing, software delivery in the cloud format, or sale of licenses for installation on customer servers.
    • Complex of technical support, assistance in the selection of equipment, pre-launch activities. Support for distributors in matters of transaction support, implementation and development of ready-made solutions.
    • Cooperation models:

      Smartix offers various models of cooperation:

      1. Full-fledged representative offices — complete solution of issues by a distributor to attract customers, presentation of products, pre-sale events, conclusion of deals.

      2. Agents — only finding potential customers and getting a percentage of the profit from deals.

      Different terms and conditions may be agreed in the process of cooperation with a distributor in a designated area.

      Representative offices can resolve the issue with the equipment themselves:

      1. Order equipment on their own in local markets or abroad and promote only Smartix software (cloud service for small and medium customers or licenses for large customers).

      2. Order a comprehensive solution from Smartix and sell complete software and hardware solutions.

      Smartix specialists develop some of the most competitive solutions in the automation and self-service device’s market. Offering modern, high-quality, in-demand software, the company hopes for long-term, mutually beneficial cooperation with distributors to attract potential customers and support transactions.