Assessment of the delivery service quality in Smartix parcel lockers

When customers interact with self-service systems, in some cases required mechanism to receive feedback on the overall operation of the complex and satisfaction with the service. One of the actual formats is the assessment of the service quality based on the results of the operation.

Smartix specialists have implemented the functionality of scoring the dispense in parcel lockers at the request of customers. Now after the delivery of the goods, interface of Smartix parcel terminals offers to evaluate the overall quality of the service.

All evaluation data is aggregated in the back office in several reports. The first report allows to see the number of dispensed orders, including the number of evaluated orders and the average rating for all evaluated orders, as well as the average time of delivery of goods for the selected period.

The second report allows to see the dynamics of assessments by date (day, week, month) in the context of each parcel locker.

There is support of filtration for parcel lockers by dispense processing in days and dispense estimates.

The system also allows to find certain orders with a low rating and, if necessary, contact the client to find out the reason for dissatisfaction with the service.

Reports allow to receive timely data indicating the need to improve the quality of services and reduce the time for dispensing orders.

Smartix parcel locker’s software continues its development following the delivery automation market, the needs of business owners and end customers. The implemented mechanism simplifies the aggregation of information for system owners in order to implement measures to maintain the quality level of customer service. A rising score will indicate an increasing consumer loyalty index.