Smartix lockers automate dispatch offices

RT Line carrier chose Smartix lockers to automate dispatch offices in the field of passenger transportation on municipal routes. Each device solves the tasks of daily contactless dispensing and returning of documentation and equipment for way out of more than 100 buses on the line.

About the project

During the pandemic customer thought about implementing a contactless method of dispensing waybills and releasing drivers on the line without the participation of a dispatcher. As a result, the concept of an automated dispatch center was formed, in which the key element is a self-service locker with a number of cells that store the entire set of documents and supporting equipment for the driver to enter the line.

Each cell contains a folder with documents, validator for selling tickets, bracelet for monitoring the work and rest regime, vehicle keys, etc. The cell is tied to the bus number, which is indicated in the waybill.

To open the cell driver first of all undergoes a pre-trip medical examination by a doctor in order to obtain permission to drive a vehicle. The doctor puts a mark on the driver’s admission in the accounting system and cell is unlocked. Next, driver goes to the locker, scans the waybill through the built-in scanner and receives a set for leaving the line.

Benefits of lockers

Without an automated contactless system dispatcher issues documentation and equipment which inevitably forms a line. Taking into account the human factor, errors, violations, incorrectly issued documents, etc. which cannot be ruled out. Checking a driver’s license, printing a waybill, traffic schedules, issuing route maps, vehicle documents, collecting signatures in register can lead to delays due to different rates of dispatcher’s work.

As a result of the implementation of automated electronic systems based on Smartix, the time of the preparatory and final period for drivers is significantly reduced, errors, violations and fines are eliminated. All this leads to the optimization of processes and increases the efficiency of the enterprise.

Thanks to self-service lockers everything happens quickly and error-free. The overall productivity of drivers and the fulfillment of standard hours per shift are growing.

Technical features

Smartix software provides detailed online monitoring of each cell of the device — occupancy, serviceability, fouling. In addition, the state of the equipment is monitored, notifications about the status of hardware components and events are sent. A remote update of the locker’s network is supported.

The system clearly demonstrates who and at what time took and returned a set of things to the cell linked to the bus number. Accounting and control of documents and equipment transferring at a motor transport enterprise is provided.

Why Smartix

Choosing Smartix parcel lockers, the customer receives a whole range of professional services for the launch of a turnkey solution and its further development from one of the most experienced teams of specialists on the market.

Professional parcel locker’s software allows any modifications on demand. Supports any hardware components and networks from various models of parcel lockers already purchased by the customer. If the customer needs a turnkey solution, standard models of lockers are supplied or non-standard devices and cells can be produced.