Automation of document issuance using parcel lockers in MFC of Republic of Buryatia

Our company is a leading developer of parcel lockers for issuing documents in Russia for MFCs (My Documents branches) and for PSCs (Public service centers) in the CIS countries.

Automation of document issuance through parcel lockers for MFCs

We have completed the project of implementing parcel lockers for 7 branches of MFC in the Republic of Buryatia. Now visitors can receive the results of services and requests in an automated format without the participation of employees at any convenient time.

How does the parcel locker operate at MFC

  • During the registration process on the website or when submitting an application at MFC branch, client chooses the method of obtaining the result: classic format through an employee or through self-service parcel locker.
  • When completed documents are entered into the parcel locker, client is sent an SMS with personal code for open the door.
  • Administrator of parcel locker system configures the document storage period in the Smartix back office (user is informed in advance about these periods). If for some reason the documents have not been received, after the expiration of the storage period they will be retrieved by an employee and available for reception in the classic way through the window.

Features of parcel lockers for MFC of Republic of Buryatia

Parcel lockers for issuing documents at MFC and Public service center of Republic of Buryatia

The technical features of the project involve the use of a registry for the exchange of data on operations — specialists from the MFC side download delivery operations, customer data, transaction number and customer phone number to receive notifications in csv format. Next, the register is uploaded into the Smartix parcel locker system and deposit operations based on them are generated.

MFC employee uses the Smartix mobile application for parcel lockers to authorize at the parcel locker and scan barcodes on envelopes with documents. As a result, the documents are entered into the cells assigned by the system to the corresponding client and client receives an SMS about the readiness of the service.

At the same time, our system also supports automatic information exchange through universal API without using registry.

Why Smartix

Our specialists are one of the leading teams in the implementation of parcel lockers in the Russian and foreign markets — our largest clients use distributed networks of more than 1000 lockers. At the same time, we specialize in solutions for automating the issuance of documents for Multifunctional centers and Public service centers.

We successfully implement both standard and non-standard parcel locker projects for Russian MFCs, as well as for Public service centers in CIS countries. To date, the total number of automated branches is 25 offices and their number is regularly increasing.

Our distinctive advantage is the development of our own online system, adapted for various areas of business, needs of government agencies with the possibility of any modifications, launch of new functionality and modules upon request.