Parcel lockers for MFC – biometrics module for issuing documents

We have developed new biometrics module for Smartix parcel locker system, which allows to confirm the opening of a cell using client’s photo. The solution already has been launched and parcel lockers for MFCs are successfully using it in their network.

Photographing is carried out through the camera built into the parcel locker. The snapshot is sent to the service on the customer’s side, checked and system returns match response. Smartix system presets the photo data matching threshold from 0 to 100%. If successful (for example, 80-90% match), cell opens and user takes the parcel, document or other attachment.

The parcel locker system equipped with biometric verification significantly improves the accuracy and safety of delivery. Error-free opening of cells is guaranteed, which is especially important when working with personal data and identification documents (for example, automation of issuance of passports). The functionality is available to people who have registered their biometric personal data and in some CIS countries biometrics are already used everywhere.

If necessary some issuing operations can be performed without biometric confirmation, this includes simple statements, written notifications, etc.

Biometrics is actively used in parcel lockers for MFCs and public service centers. The flexibility of Smartix parcel locker system makes it possible to support integration with various functionalities. Now the parcel lockers of our potential customers use biometrics service to confirm the opening of cell. We offer this functionality to solve problems and improve the quality of service not only in parcel lockers, but also support the installation of biometrics in our self-service kiosks.