Pokrovsky bread

Automation of dispensing of working clothes for largest bakery

About the customer

Pokrovsky bread JSC is the largest regional industrial association for the production of bakery and confectionery products, including three factories.

Customer uses Smartix out of the box industrial locker system to automatically dispense clean workwear for 600+ employees. Two cells are allocated for each employee — one for a set of clothes, the second for a pair of shoes.

System features

◾ As the main identifier, modern UHF RFID tags with a serial number can be used, which are inseam into each piece of clothing and scanned at the parcel locker. Or barcodes that can be stuck on equipment. As a result, each item in the Smartix back office is assigned a unique ID. Loading things into the parcel locker by supply staff (storekeepers) occurs in an automated mode using scanner built into the parcel locker.

◾ In addition, back-office operator assigns each employee their unique items — in this case, several sets of clothing in the required size. The operator also binds which locker and which cell/cells this employee will have access.

◾ For each employee a personal profile is additionally created in the Smartix back office. The system enters data on the means of personnel identification, which can be RFID cards. For each employee a unique pin code is also generated for those cases when the RFID card cannot be read for any reason.

◾ A separate feature is the possibility of assigning several cells to the staff in various parcel lockers located in different locations. In this case, the employee will be able, for example, at any time to receive and return various equipment and clothing with reference to certain industrial premises, or simply receive the usual set of things as close as possible to their working location at a large enterprise.


Lockers at the bakeries of Pokrovsky bread make it possible to eliminate the need to maintain a warehouse with employees who receive and give out things 24/7. The issue with the queues and the time spent on receiving and handing over sets of work clothes is being resolved. Actions including loading and picking up events are tracked.
The system allows employees to get everything they need for efficient work with minimal time costs. The company reduces the cost of maintaining the warehouse staff, while increasing productivity. And the flexibility in the distribution of lockers allows to install them in those locations where they are most needed.
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